Capitellar fracture

Capitellar Fracture


Uncommon fracture which is difficult to diagnose if fracture fragment is small


Elbow Capitellar FractureCapitellar Fracture CT SagittalCapitellar Fracture CT Axial


Type I

- Hans Steinthal fracture

- fracture of the capitellum in the coronal plane

- involves large part of the osseous portion of capitulum

- fracture hinges anteriorly between radial head and radial fossa producing a block to flexion




If closed reduction is obtained, then reduction is usually stable with elbow flexion


Open reduction


A. Posterolateral / Kocher approach

- between aconeus and ECU


B. Lateral approach

- between EDC and ECRB

- may place PIN at increased risk


One or two headless compression screws

- front to back

- buried


Capitellar Fracture ORIF0001Capitellar Fracture ORIF0002


Type II

- Kocher Lorenz fracture               

- affects primarily articular cartilage and very little underlying bone

- these usually cause few subsequent joint problems



- healing potential is minimal & excision is recommended