Cubitus Varus



Occurs 10% of supracondylar humeral fractures

- varus malunion


Lateral condyle fracture

- AVN trochlea


Elbow Cubitus Varus


Growth arrest of medial aspect physis

- rare

- post traumatic




Usually little functional defect


Cosmetic problem

- appearance can be unacceptable to parents and child




Does not correct with time


Operative Management


1.  Lateral closing wedge osteotomy of the supracondylar region 

- perform at skeletal maturity

- metaphyseal not diaphyseal

- preserve medial cortex

- beware abnormal position of radial nerve (passes through callous)

- 1mm of wedge for each degree

- fixation with plate


2.  Complex Osteotomies

- posterior approach

- bilateral plates

- for severe deformities


Elbow post distal Osteotomy


3.  Young patient / open physis

- guided growth

- application lateral 8 plate