Triceps tendon rupture


Triceps avulsion 1MRI triceps avulsion 1





< 1% of all tendon injuries


Tom et al Clin J Sports Med 2014

- systematic review

- most common between ages 30 - 50

- 2x common in males





- dome shaped insertion over olecranon




Eccentric contraction - weight lifting, athletes


Direct blow


Medical morbidity

- diabetes

- chronic renal failure

- rheumatoid arthritis

- corticosteroids

- anabolic steroids




Tender to insertion triceps tendon

Weakness of elbow extension

Palpable tendon gap




Olecranon avulsion


Triceps avulsion 1Triceps avulsion 2Triceps avulsion 3




MRI triceps avulsion 1MRI triceps avulsion 2


MRI triceps avulsion 3MRI triceps avulsion 4


Operative management


Repair Options


Transosseous sutures


Suture anchors


Anatomic repair

- suture bridge / double row

- two proximal suture anchors

- distal knotless anchors / tranosseous fixation

- restore triceps footprint


Triceps tear 1Triceps repair 2Triceps repair 3

Anatomic triceps repair with proximal suture anchors and double row transosseous repair


Surgical technique PDF anatomic repair




Balazs et al Injury 2016

- 48 acute triceps rupture repaired acutely in military populations

- 6/48 (13%) traumatic rerupture rate at 4 months post surgery


Mirzayan et al Am J Sports Med 2018

- 184 triceps repair < 90 days post injury

- mean age 49

- higher failure rate for transosseous repairs (7%) versus anatomic repairs (0%)


Dunn et al Hand (N.Y.) 2017

- Systematic review

- 89% returned to preinjury level of function

- 6% re-rupture rate


Triceps tendon reconstruction


Vumedi triceps tendon reconstruction