Shoulder Xrays

AP Shoulder



- in plane of thorax

- oblique of GHJ


Shoulder AP Xray


AP in plane of scapula



- angle 45o lateral

- allows estimation of glenohumeral space


AP Plane Scapula




Demonstrates Hill Sach's and other humeral head morphology


Scapular lateral


Patient erect

- affected shoulder against plate

- rotate other shoulder 45o out of way

- beam aimed along spine of scapula


Scapular LateralScapula Lateral Posterior Shoulder Dislocation


Axillary lateral


Patient seated

- arm abducted

- plate under axilla

- beam angled down towards shoulder


Axillary Lateral XrayAxillary Lateral Posterior Subluxation


Supraspinatous outlet view


For acromial morphology and impingement


Similar to scapular lateral

- tilt beam caudal 10o


Supraspinatous Outlet View


West Point View


Variation axillary lateral

- tangential view anterior / inferior glenoid 

- for bony bankart


Patient prone with arm hanging off bed

- plate superior to shoulder

- camera 25° cephalad to horizontal / 25° to long axis body


Westpoint view Hill Sachs


Garth View / Apical Oblique


True AP with 45o caudal tilt

- to show anterior / inferior capsule 

- bony bankhart / Hill Sachs

- standing with plate behind joint

- 45° caudal tilt / 45° in coronal


Garth XrayShoulder Garth View


Stryker Notch view


Patient supine with cassette posterior to shoulder

- hand on head, elbow straight up

- beam 10o cephalic aiming at corocoid


Demonstrates Hill-Sach's


Stryker Notch View Hill Sachs


Zanca view




Patient erect with cassette behind shoulder

- aim beam at ACJ 10 - 15o cephalic

- half strength to not overexpose ACJ


Zanca View


Serendipity view





- prone with cassette under chest

- aim beam 40o cephalic


Sternoclavicular Joint Xray 1Sternoclavicular Joint Xrays 2