Lumbar Scheuermann



Different entity to thoracic Scheuermann's

- end plate abnormal but no kyphosis or wedging


Natural History


Self - limiting condition




Young athlete / labourer




Adolescent who presents with low grade levels of low back pain

- more pain than thoracic




Rigid marked flattening of the lumbar lordosis 

- hypolordotic


Flattening not reversible by hyperextension

- hamstring spasm common

- no lumbar wedging


Limbus Vertebrae 

- anterosuperior pseudofractures of the body




Diagnostic Criteria


1. Irregular endplates

2. Schmorl nodes - diagnostic

3. Disc narrowing

4. No wedging or kyphosis


Large defects of the lower thoracic & lumbar vertebral bodies at their anterosuperior borders 

- focal enlargement of vertebral bodies is noted occasionally

- defects anterosuperior bodies resolve, but some kyphos remains




Respond to TLSO with moulded lumbar lordosis for 12/12 & activity modification


No long term sequelae