LARS PCL Reconstruction Technique

PCL Lars APPCL Lars Lateral




1.  Acute < 3/52

- single bundle


2.  Chronic

- double bundle


Technique Single Bundle


Video of LARS PCL surgical technique


Set up

- knee at 90 degrees on bolster

- x-ray getting lateral of knee


Tibial tunnel

- lateral arthroscopy portal

- small medial parapatellar approach

- insert PCL jig

- hooks over back of tibia

- check position on fluoroscopy

- pass beath pin

- drill 6 mm

- pass loop wire


PCL Lars Tibial TunnelPCL Lars Tibial Wire LoopPCL Lars Femoral Drill


Femoral tunnel

- isometric point

- line parallel to Blumensaat's

- largest part of femoral condyle

- 40% from anterior aspect

- ensure 1 cm from articular cartilage

- pass wire, drill outside in

- pass loop wire


PCL Lars Femoral Drill Entry Point


Pass graft

- graft enters via medial parapatellar incision


Insert Femoral screw



- check tibial step off is reduced

- posterior tibia in line with posterior femur at 90o