Pantalar Fusion

Pantalar Fusion APPantalar Fusion Lateral




Rheumatoid arthritis


Pantalar OA


Combined ankle and subtalar joint osteoarthritis


Talar AVN


Talus AVN




Severe Deformity

- acquired flat foot

- neurological conditions


Severe Valgus APSevere Valgus Lateral


Surgical Technique


1. Prepare joint surfaces



- curved incision

- posterior border fibular

- curved anteriorly along peroneal tendons

- towards 4th MT


Exposure AKJ

- excise distal fibular


Exposure subtalar joint

- elevate peroneals and EDB

- divide TC interosseous ligament


Prepare arthrodesis

- decorticate / remove cartilaginous surfaces

- drill holes

- correct deformity

- ankle joint: 5o valgus, plantigrade, ER 10o

- subtalar joint:  5o valgus


2.  Hindfoot nail


Pantalar Fusion Talus AVN APPantalar Fusion Talus AVN Lateral


Insertion point

- in line with 2nd metatarsal

- junction of posterior 2/3 and anterior 1/3 heel

- should pass through anterior aspect posterior subtalar joint


Insert nail

- distal locking screws calcaneum using jig

- insert bone graft

- compress

- proximal locking


Smith and Nephew Hindfoot Fusion Nail Surgical Technique PDF


Smith & Nephew Hindfoot nail


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Synthes HIndfoot Nail