Subscapularis Arthroscopic Repair…




- extra-articular



- posterior portal very lateral so can see anterior aspect subacromial space

- port of Wilminton at anterolateral acromion to access SSC

- anterior portal in normal position, slightly more lateral so becomes working portal


SSC Repair Portals 1SSC Repair Portals 2



- identify tendon

- work through portal Wilmington

- grasp, forms comma sign

- perform biceps tenodesis

- tag SSC with fibrewire


SSC tornSSC comma sign


Subacromial space

- place standard lateral portal as well

- total bursectomy plus acromioplasty

- use tagging sutures to identify SSC

- release as necessary

- may need long posterior cannula to see anteriorly

- may need to move camera to lateral portal to see around corner anteriorly

- can use 70 degree scope


SSC Tagging Suture Subacromial SpaceSSC Debridement Anterior Subacromial


Prepare footprint

- debride

- insert anchors (retract port of Wilminton into subacromial space)

- pass sutures with suture passer

- tie


SSC Debride FootprintSSC First AnchorSSC Suture Passage


SSC Second AnchorSSC Repair