Other Hand Tumours

1.  Foreign Body Granuloma




Curettage and bone graft (if bony)

Excision of lump 

- recurrence very unusual


2.  Osteochondroma




Cortical flow evident


3.  Brown's tumour




Primary hyperparathyroidism

Secondary hyperparathyroidism





Lytic lesion

- often seen in distal phalanx


4.  Nora's lesion


Bizarre parosteal osteochondroma


5.  Neurofibroma


Not possible to dissect free

- need to excise

- end to end anastomoses


6.  Synovial Chondromatosis


Diffuse swelling


May have calcification


7.  Juvenile Aponeurotic Fibroma


Benign fibrous tumour 

- occurs in the hands of children and young adults

- no gender predeliction 

- no tendency to involve ulnar digits as with Dupuytren's disease


Calcification is distinguishing feature

- locally infiltrative




Requires wide local excision without sacrifice of function

- local recurrence common


Metastatic fibrosarcoma after local recurrence of JAF reported

- careful follow up required


8.  Recurring Digital Fibrous Tumor of Childhood


Benign fibrous tumour that develops in fingers and toes in infants and children

- distinguished histologically by intracytoplasmic inclusion bodies within proliferating fibroblasts


Probable viral aetiology

- usually on several digits and intradermal

- recurrence rate up to 60%


Marginal excision if function compromised


No malignant potential 

- spontaneous regression described


9.  Malignant Tumours



- very rare 

- 50% lung cancer



- most common 

- chemo and radio insensitive

- only treatment is surgery


Osteosarcoma and Ewings

- quite rare


Dermatofibrosarcoma / Epitheloid Sarcoma / Synovial Sarcoma


Sarcoma Hand0001Sarcoma Hand0001