1.  Infection


Revision TKR InfectedRevision TKR Infected Bone Scan


Infected Revision TKR


Peters et al J Arthroplasty 2009

- 184 cemented revision TKR with press fit stems

- 7% revision rate for deep infection

- 4 new cases of sepsis, 9 were recurrence of sepsis




Extremely challenging

- significant bone loss


Infection Revision TKR SpacerRevision TKR Infection Spacer


2.  Instability


Revison TKR Dislocated Hinge APRevision TKR Dislocated HInge Lateral


3.  Fracture


4.  DVT / PE


5.  Bleeding


6.  Stiffness


7.  Neurovascular injury


8.  Pain


9.  Extensor mechanism dysfunction


Revision TKR Quadriceps RuptureRevision TKR Quadriceps Rupture Lars Ligament Repair


10.  Loosening


Revision TKR Loosening Hinge APRevision TKR Loosening HInge Lateral