Taylor Spatial Frame

Taylor Spatial FrameTSR Clinical Photo 2




Deformity correction


TSF Deformity Correction Proximal Tibial Fracture Preop




Apply proximal and distal rings

- choose size

- 2 cm from skin all around

- leg will often swell

- most often compression is posterior

- can use an open ring proximally to aid knee flexion


Apply proximal rings

- Centre / Master Tab anterior to tibial crest

- important for calculations


Apply Distal ring


6 x adjustable struts

- come in 3 lengths (short / medium / long)

- need to ensure that are long enough for any correction

- otherwise will have to adjust strut later

- numbered 1 - 6

- no 1 always to right of proximal strut


TSR Clinical Photo Struts


Intra-operative Correction

- can perform

- new computer program

- struts can be of different lenths

- i.e. the rings do not have to start perpendicular to shaft


Record numbers of each strut

- important for computer calculation


TSR Strut Measurements Pre Correction


Post operative Xray Measurements


Xray of entire tibia and rings

- xray centred on proximal tab of proximal ring

- AP and Lateral all in one film

- the entire diameter of the rings must be on the film


Set reference fragment


Proximal tibia

- usually the proximal fragment is reference fragment

- distal fragment is moving fragment


TSF Reference and Moving Fragment


Opposite for Distal Tibial Fractures


Set Origin / Corresponding Point on AP and Lateral



- reference fragment


Corresponding point

- on moving fragment


TSF Origin and Corresponding Point


Measure AP and Lateral View Axial Frame Offset


The tibia is not in the centre of the rings

- usually anterior

- need to tell computer where the proximal fragment is in reference to the rings


TSF AP View Frame OffsetTSF Lateral View Frame Offset


Estimate Rotatory Offset


If Proximal Ring Tab not centred over anterior border of tibia

- need to clinically estimate the difference

- i.e. 5o


Characterise the skeletal deformity


6 measurements required


AP View Angulation + Translation


TSF AP View Angulation and Translation


Lateral View Angulation + Translation


TSF Lateral View Angulation and Translation


Axial Translation (Shortening)


TSF Axial Translation


Axial View Angulation



- is the foot externally rotated

- if so, how much


Total Residual Correction


Enter details

- ring size

- strut length

- reference fragment / origin

- frame offset

- 6 measurements


Tell rate of correction

- usually 10 days to 2 weeks


Computer will calculate correction

- assumes correct to neutral

- print daily strut changes requires




TSF Proximal Tibial Fracture Pre CorrectionTSF Proximal Tibial Fracture Post Correction


TSF Proximal Tibia Union APTSF Proximal Tibia Union Lateral