giant cell tumour

Benign Bone Tumours

1. Giant cell tumour


Often present with a painful swollen area, lytic on X-ray

- calcaneus > talus

- rare in skeletally immature

- curettage and grafting

- local recurrence ~50 %

- may need to bone graft defects


2. Osteochondromas


Can occur in foot and ankle

- single or multiple

- simple excision at base

- malignant transformation very rare in foot


Subungal exostosis 

Giant Cell Tumour of Bone



Benign lesion with a wide spectrum of behavior characterized by stromal cells and giant cells





- 20% of benign tumours


More common females

- F:M = 1.5:1

- most tumours M>F


Usually patient in 20's

- usually after skeletal maturity

- 3% < epiphyseal closure