C Approach and Implant Removal

Pre-operative Planning

CT / quantify bone loss
X match 4 units
Cell saver
Anaesthetic review
Bone graft (cortical, cancellous)
Component removal gear

- extraction gear for femur / liners

- cement removers for cemented femur

- curved osteotomes for cemented cup

- X-plant for uncemented cup
Revision long stem femoral implants
Revision acetabular implants including cages


Radiation Exposure

Radiation Units



- is a measure of quantity of ionisation, produced in air, by x-ray, or gamma radiation per unit mass

- SI unit is the Coulomb per kg (C/kg)


Absorbed dose 

- is a measure of the amount of energy imparted to matter by ionising radiation per unit mass of irradiated material

- SI unit is the Gray(Gy)


Dose equivalent