1.  TFCC 

- central articular disc

- TFCC is major stabiliser of DRUJ

- arises ulnar aspect of lunate fossa of radius

- inserts fovea at base of ulna styloid


2.  Dorsal and Palmar Radio-Ulna ligaments 


Thick fibrous structures

- from ulna styloid

- important stabilises of DRUJ


In normal wrist

- Dorsal RU ligament tight in pronation

- Palmar RU ligament tight in supination


Unstable wrist is opposite

- in pronation wants to dislocate dorsally 

- PRUL which tightens

- in supination wants to dislocate volar

- DRUL tightens


3.  ECU Sheath


4.  Ulna Collateral ligament

- arises base of ECU sheath


5.  Ulnotriquetral / Ulnolunate ligaments

- ulno-carpal ligaments

- play important role 

- not part of TFCC




TFCC tears

DRUJ instability (acute or chronic)

DRUJ arthritis