trabecular metal

Management Bone Defects

AORI / Andersen Orthopedic Research Institute


T Tibial  F Femoral


1.  Contained Metaphyseal Defect


2.  Damaged Metaphyseal

A.  One Condyle

B.  Both Condyles


3.  Deficient Metaphysis +/- collaterals +/- extensor mechanism


1.  Contained Metaphyseal defect 


D Reimplantation Acetabulum

Principles of Acetabular reconstructionRevision Acetabulum Post Paprosky Type IIIC


Restore centre of rotation
Restore acetabular integrity
Component containment
Secure fixation

Preoperatively planning

Know components in situ (esp if leaving femur)
Quantify and grade bone defects
Beware intrapelvic cement / cup (angiogram)